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Teaching and Training Programs


      The National Cheng-Kung University Hospital is recruiting radiology technicians for a 2-year training period funded by the Ministry of Health.


      Tailored to the absence of specific departments and equipments in various teaching hospitals (usually radiation oncology, nuclear medicine, MRI, ultrasonography, cardiac catheterization, dental radiology and extracorporeal shock-wave lithotripsy) and designed to the training standards of radiology technologists, our training program offers various training protocols including scheduling, implementation, assessment and qualification that are carried out under the supervision of clinical preceptors. Training is carried out in different stages to ensure a solid background in clinical skills, and from these skills, the self-realization and growth of the individual with the ultimate goal of being able to provide the most comprehensive care to the patient.

Teaching and Training of Radiology Specialist Physicians

Contents: Morning meetings, clinical work, and film and reading teaching sessions

Personnel: Radiology department residents, interns and clerks

Training Protocol:

01. Residency training protocol
02. Intern training protocol
03. Clerk training protocol
04. Radiology technologist training protocol
05. Two-year radiology technologist training protocol
06. Radiology technologist combined training protocol
07. Radiology technology student training protocol