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Developmental Strategies


In addition to the routine clinical work that this department carries out, our efforts also include the teaching and training of residents and related personnel. We are also responsible for the teaching and of clerks, interns and residents in general radiology both in our hospital and on the behalf of other institutes. Every week, resident film reading sessions, feedback on quality of care, discussion of complications, and research conferences are held every week. We also plan weekly class schedules for technologist and clerks as well as carry out training on behalf of other hospitals.


Furthermore, this department is constantly keeping abreast with the latest developments in technology and trends. In 2006, the Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) was completed, making it possible to minimize personnel costs, increase efficiency, reduce wasting of resources, and most importantly, enabling long-distance telecommunications in the realm of teaching and service. The efficiency of available resources is thus maximized. In July, 2010, the Dual-Energy High-Speed Computed Tomographic Scanning equipment was installed, a major breakthrough in both clinical and research endeavors in the future. We plan to stay on top of the latest developments in imaging technology and provide the best possible service to our patients.