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Copying Radiographic Images


(A) Application:
1. Outpatient, inpatient and emergency department patients: Upon stating the purpose, requests from outpatient and emergency department patients for copies of imaging studies can be completed during the visit. Inpatients should apply with the ward clerk before discharge.
2. Application after leaving the hospital.
(1) Please come prepared with the necessary documents (as with application of other medical documents, please refer to footnote 1) to the radiology front desk.
(2) If the patient is uncertain which images to copy, he/she must register with the outpatient department of his/her attending physician in order to select images to copy.  
(3) The radiology department front desk or the outpatient department will issue a notice to the applicant, which should be taken to the registration counter to pay the amount due. Bring the receipt to the radiology department front desk to pick up the copied images.  
(B) Time required:

1. Outpatient department

 (1) During normal working hours (8am to 9pm), upon completion of payment, copied images will be ready in approximately 30 minutes.  

 (2) After 5pm, radiology department personnel responsible for dark room assignments are unavailable. Please come to the radiology department front desk at 9am the next morning with the receipt. Further delays will be incurred during weekends and holidays. If you live north of Chiayi or south of Kaohsiung, are over 70 years of age, you can request that we mail your copies to you.

2. During hospital stay: similar to outpatient department protocol.

3. Emergency department patients: similar to outpatient department protocol during normal work hours. Otherwise, depending on the ongoing workload of the radiology department, copied images will be ready within one hour.

(B) Costs: (If there are changes in costs, the newly announced fees will be charged)

1. Image CD: NT$200 per 1 exam

2. Image CD: NT$500 per multi-exam


Note 1:      

             1. The applicant must be the patient him or herself, the applicant’s spouse, immediate family, relative, in-law or legal guardian.

             2. The applicant must produce his/her identification card for verification.     

   3. Spouses, immediate family, relatives, in-laws or legal guardians must submit the following three documents:

        (1) The patient’s identification card. (If the patient is a child, the household registration form can be used).

        (2) The applicant’s identification card.

        (3) Paperwork documenting the relation between the patient and the applicant and a signed power of attorney by the patient. (If the patient is comatose or otherwise incapacitated, the power of attorney can be authorized by the spouse, immediate family, relatives, in-laws or legal guardians.)